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MAY 2020
I'm seriously considering getting rid of both my Mac devices and switching to the new Surface Book 3. I really, really wish Apple would have went down this path rather than the rabbit hole they've gone down with separate iPadOS and MacOS architectures. A detachable screen MacBook that still functions as a MaCOS device in tablet mode has been a dream of mine for a long time.

Unfortunately, the last few years have proven Apple just continues to go down the opposite of that path. At this point, I can't see that being a possibility for Apple for many years if they ever change their mind. Which again, just seems more and more unlikely every year they put all this focus into iPadOS.

Speaking of which, I did get the new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro and it truly is great hardware with wonderful new software implementation. As it should be at that price point and what you'd expect from Apple these days. However, after a couple weeks with it, I'm just not compelled to use the iPad Pro in "laptop form", even with the super clever mouse implementation specific to iPadOS.

There are just too many compromises when compared to a true desktop/laptop experience, which I use daily. The iPad to me still feels like a really advanced iPhone, now with keyboard and trackpad. Sure it's far beyond what it was when the original iPad first launched - when it truly was just a big iPhone without the phone part. But iPadOS continues to be something I feel most people buying Apple's "Pro" devices are not really looking for. 

I do think it will be sufficient for a lot of people in the younger generations, like my son... he still has not experienced a "traditional" desktop experience. iPad and Chrome OS only for him so far. But for anyone intimately familiar with laptops and desktops that allow you to do everything you want... it's just not enough.

I'll certainly update here if I go down the Surface Book 3 route.
In the span of just a few days, I went from thinking of completely moving away from my custom mechanical keyboard because I haven't been able to find the right combination of feel and dampened sound... to ordering another set of switches to give it one more shot. These Cherry MX Speed Silvers will be my third set of switches since originally buying the board with my still favorite, but far too loud to use with anyone within 100 feet, Cherry MX Blues.

I truly hope I'll be done adding to the board after these arrive. It's super awesome, but now I'm embarrassed to mention how much I've put into it.
I have done a horrible job of journaling throughout the pandemic, which I really regret. Every day has been tough, and it would have been valuable to track a lot of the thoughts, struggles and triumphs my family and I have experienced during this time. This world is learning so much right now, and many things that seemed inevitable (more working from home) are getting expedited at a rapid pace.
Every once in a while, I'm reminded that we don't really "own" most of the content we put on the internet. There are people making a ton of money on blogging platforms like Medium right now, but what happens if Medium goes under? How can someone possibly retain all their readers if the platform that made it easy and possible to get them all suddenly disappeared? The only true hope is personal websites and mature, active email lists.

This thought resonated well enough for me today that I decided to pick this website back up. Not because I'm hoping to become one of those bloggers making "F U money" via blogging, but because I have always felt like I want to maintain a place on the Internet that is 100% c ontrolled by me. Maybe I'll write and post more photos here, but then again maybe I'll never do either of those after I publish this update. In the new world forever changed by COVID-19, who knows...